To me yuppies are the clockwork slaves of capitalism that represent greed, decadence and the senseless striving for material wealth that is ruining the earth. With this triptych I wanted to do a series of pictures that deals with „yuppies‘ nightmares“, so basically this is all about turning it upside down: letting yuppies do the dirty work, letting them be at the suffering end of other people’s fun and showing the senselessness of greed for money.

These three „key hole pictures“ are all about privacy. Whether the tentacle is just in a bad mood and wants to be left alone or if it is about the overfishing of the seas, I will leave that up to you. But it is for sure that the woman in the middle doesn’t want to be observed and wants to know her privacy ensured. Whereas the voyeur that is watching the viewer on the right has to cope with being observed himself.