First publication with several illustrations in the Cologne culture magazine Null22eins, issue March 2018

Berlin ‚Graphic Days‘ February 2018

New shirts and hooded zippers


Hellride ‚Skate Yoga‘ Board

Shirt for Lohseparty 2017

Poster for Lohseparty 2017

Impressions of the exhibition ‚Kontraste‘ (contrasts)


First Exhibition ‚Kontraste‘

Impressions from ‚Helios & Selene‘ market for good life


Cloth bags ‚Get Rid Of Plastic Waste‘



Impressions of ‚Kunstroute‘ at Tour Belgique in Cologne, 2017

Some Lohseboards test rides…


A dream come true: the Lohseboards arrived…

Online shop finally online

Impressions of my first ever art stand at ‚Diggin‘ Vinyl‘ market in Cologne, 2016