Hellride Skateboards

HELLRIDE SKATEBOARDS is a skateboard company in the making. In january 2017 I put out my first ever board graphic for my homies at lohse ramp in Cologne, Germany. This graphic is sold out by now, but here you can take a look at it.

Now you get the chance to pre-order the first board graphic I’m doing for my own new little company called Hellride Skateboards. Details below:

Available Board Sizes: 8″/8.25″/8.5″/8.625″/8.75″/8.88″

Boards are made by Anti Hero-/Deluxe-Woodshop for best quality

Method: Basically, it’s a crowd-funding Project: you will receive a limited Edition board graphic , because there will only be as many boards as you guys pre-order (min. 50). You can order the board now via email or you can wirte me a personal message on social media. You pay the board now and you will get it as soon as they arrive in the beginning of december 2017. Thank you for you support

Prize: 45,00 € (incl. shipping in Germany, international prizes on request)

Retailers please send email for prizes and details