Hellride Skateboards

HELLRIDE SKATEBOARDS is a skateboard company in the making. In january 2017 I put out my first ever board graphic for my homies at lohse ramp in Cologne, Germany. This graphic is sold out by now, but here you can take a look at it.

Now you get the chance to pre-order the first board graphic I’m doing for my own new little company called Hellride Skateboards. Details below:

Available Board Sizes: 8″/8.25″/8.5″/8.625″/8.75″/8.88″

Boards are made by Anti Hero-/Deluxe-Woodshop for best quality

Method: The boards will be limited to the number of buyers. You can pre-order now until October 31st via email or you can wirte me a personal message on social media

Prize: 45,00 € (incl. shipping in Germany, international shipping prizes on request)

Retailers please send email for prizes and further details