I love art and i love skateboarding.

HELLRIDE SKATEBOARDS is the combination of the two.

These are limited edition artworks on Skateboards and as long as you guys keep supporting me and buying my boards i will keep making them.
So right now, this is a skateboard company in the making. I will try to produce more boards, shirts and other stuff soon.
The plan is to make guest pro models with people I like in the near future. 1€ of each sold board and free boards will go to the featured rider.

Furthermore, I always try to make the best possible quality for my products, be it boards, shirts, or whatever.

If you want to support this underground brand from Cologne, Germany, hit up your local skate shop and tell them to get some of my boards.

Coming soon:

‚The Scorpion‘ Shirt (February 2018)

You can pre-order right now, so just contact me if you want one

‚OG Logo‘ Zipper (February 2018)

‚Markus Vorhagen‘ Pro Model (April 2018)


Skate Yoga Board

This is the first board graphic for Hellride: ‚Skate Yoga‘. It is limited to 120 pieces and sold out by now but you can still get some at skateshops and maybe I will do a re-issue in the future if the requests keep coming in

For further infos check my instagram or facebook page.